Kym & Bridgette

Kym & Bridgette Bruce moved to Kangaroo Island in 2010, firmly intending to grow old disgracefully. However the land got hold of us and since we love our food, we developed Flavours of Petite Provence to share our organically grown food in the form of fresh produce or gourmet items we think you will enjoy.

Where are we?
We are situated at the base of Prospect Hill, on the corner of Hog Bay and Florance Roads on beautiful Kangaroo Island.


How do we grow our fruit and veg?
  We started off with the permaculture principle of minimal disturbance of the soil, putting back in what we took out and wasting nothing. No chemical fertilisers, no pesticides, just the help of our chooks, bees, some bio-dynamics and lessons learned:
  We learned that free-ranging chooks and veggie gardens don’t mix well, unless you the chook, so we moved them into a mobile chook pen and move them around the beds
  We learned that leftover soil from house building on limestone and clay needs some assistance to grow plants, both of them being moisture repellent when dry, so the “no-dig” policy became a “dig-if-you-have-to” policy
  We learned that roos and wallabies will eat pretty much anything when hungry, so fencing off crops and trees became necessary
  We learned that living on top of a hill means it gets quite windy, so windbreaks were required; good job we had already fenced off the veggie plot so we just attached windbreak fabric over the fence.
  We learned that very well-fed chooks stop laying eggs, but boy can they recycle scraps into manure!!
  Weed teas are absolutely fabulous if you are a plant, and compost is a veggie gardens best friend – goodbye weeds, hello food!


What are our products?
Infused extra virgin Kangaroo Island Koroneiki olive oil using organically grown herbs –
  Kangaroo Island Coastal Daisy
  Basil - Seasonal
  Citrus & thyme
Smokey Kangaroo Island Kalamata olives in Extra virgin olive oil
Pink Gin Marmalade
Other marmalades – according to what we have
Zucchini and lavender jam
Traditional Belgium style mayonnaise using KI olive oil
Salad mayonnaise
Tartare mayonnaise
Bearnaise mayonnaise
Garlic mayonnaise
Vinaigrette using mustard & KI Honey
Salsa using our cherry tomatoes and chillies
Tomato coulis using our cherry tomatoes & herbs, slow-cooked to a beautiful sauce
Seasonal fresh vegetables, of the Mediterranean type
Olive oil soaps – handmade using KI olive oil & rainwater
Anything else that occurs to us that we think you might like and that we have a surplus of!